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the-zod-moz many people trying so desperately to be like somebody else... some famous person... while the world suffers for the lack of authentic artists...

dream-lounge-cdDream Lounge is characterized by a soothing mix of smoky night club, polished jazz and ethereal atmosphere.

This music is intended to stimulate the intellect, yet sooth the soul in a subtle and sensual way.

“Dream Lounge” Album Samples

Click on the symbol to hear a sample of each track:


     Dream Lounge (6:01)

     Chanterelle (5:15)

     Chuchotte Dans Mon Ame (6:12)

     Canyon (10:27)

     Le Silence (3:58)

     To Struggle No More (4:54)

     L’Amitie (4:40)

     Transition (4:00)


The creation of these works were originally and primarily self-serving. I needed some help to do what appeared to be so easy for other people – to meditate. I never did develop that skill (at least not in the way it’s “supposed” to be done). So I decided to let Music take me. This music was created during some of the most difficult times of my life, and provided me with the peace, solitude and escape I needed to return to my Self.

I’ve been told that these works have a powerful effect, stimulating everything from profound creativity to past life memories.

The music has been used by therapists, spiritualists and a variety of people seeking to expand themselves, and their lives.

soundless-cdAt approximately 45 minutes, “Soundless” is the longest and deepest of the meditation series. It is one continuous track, and should not be used while driving or performing any activity requiring alertness. This work is not a “song” to be listened to, but rather a “sound” to be with. It provides an environment within which you can be still, work on a creative project or simply ponder the mysteries of the universe.

“Soundless” Album Samples

Click on the symbol to hear a sample of each track:


     Sample “A”

     Sample “B”

soundless-cd“The Resonance Of Being” album incorporates 2 works. “Free Being” is one continuous track at approximately 20 minutes in length. Unlike “Soundless”, this work is more musical in nature, and takes the form of a trans-formative journey. It’s a more “active” piece, and has a definite path through which it moves and changes. “Timeless” is approximately 35 minutes in length, and incorporates the various sounds and textures of electric and acoustic guitars, set in an ethereal environment of orchestral and vocal arrangements.

“The Resonance Of Being” Album Samples

Click on the symbol to hear a sample of each track:


     Free Being Sample “A”

     Free Being Sample “B”

     Timeless Sample “A”

     Timeless Sample “B”

magic-cd“Magic” incorporates 4 tracks, with a total play time of just over 40 minutes. Over recent years, I’ve become much more integrated with my Metis heritage, and was moved to create music based on the Four Elements of Aboriginal spirituality: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Each track is about 10 minutes in length, three of which feature my Native flute. “Lost Warrior” is a decidedly different piece, and therefore features my son Lucas on the Native flute. The forest and water environments are actual recordings taken in the forests and ocean near my home in B.C., Canada.

“Magic” Album Samples

Click on the symbol to hear a sample of each track:


     Thunder Medicine (Earth Element) Sample “A”

     Thunder Medicine (Earth Element) Sample “B”

     Downstream (Water Element) Sample “A”

     Downstream (Water Element) Sample “B”

     The Wait (Air Element) Sample “A”

     The Wait (Water Element) Sample “B”

     Lost Warrior (Fire Element) Sample “A”

     Lost Warrior (Fire Element) Sample “B”

dream-lounge-cd“West Coast Dream” was the culmination of musical inspirations received throughout 2 years of telephone conversations with my son, Lucas. I was living in Ontario, Canada, while he had moved to the West Coast. We hadn’t seen each other for a very long time, so we began weekly “check-ins”, during which I caught glimpses of West Coast living, through his eyes and experience. This album is very much the “story” of the journey that eventually led me to move to the West Coast of Canada, where my life changed in ways I could not possibly have imagined.

“West Coast Dream” Album Samples

Click on the symbol to hear a sample of each track:

     Sample “A”

     Sample “B”

     Sample “C”

     Sample “D”


This page has been reserved for fun stuff. Nothing formal or polished. Just a place where I can put little bits and bobs of interest and / or enjoyment. So I’ll be adding pieces on an ongoing basis, as it seems appropriate.  :)

Free Music For Your Enjoyment

Click on the symbol to hear a sample of each track:



     This is a little sample compilation of different guitar tracks I’ve laid down. It was originally put together as a response to people asking “Oh, do you play guitar? What do you play?”



     This track is from an album that my son Lucas conceptualized. The album is called “Nuclear Fishin'”, and features Lucas on the flute and vocal insertions. This is especially intended for the enjoyment of young Aboriginals.


lucas_link     Fabulous artistry, technical support, music critique and general counsel come from my son, Lucas.


love-bree     The best photography in the world, a unique perspective and wry humour come from my daughter, Bree.


reaper_link     The best DAW and the future of business on this planet – REAPER.


omfrc_linkThe lovely folks who helped me tap into my Metis heritage.

Featured Artist: Lucas Gaudette


Most “About” web pages go on to list credentials, experience and abilities, in order to impress or convince the viewer of the value or competence of what’s being presented.
I’m not interested in that.
To know me is to listen to my music. Only there will you feel the essence of me – and know what I’m about.
When inquiring about the particulars of my music, most people ask what “parts” I play. The answer is: all of them.
Originally a guitar player, I modified my electric guitar to produce digital (MIDI) signals that I could pass through a DAW sequencer. In plain English: ALL of the instruments in my music are actually played on my electric guitar – with the addition of my acoustic guitar, bass guitar and Native flute.
I perform, record, mix and master all of my stuff.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Music Of ZoD, tell me about it by clicking here.